Monday, 24 September 2018


As part of our work to promote the benefits of insulation to householders and encourage them to contact a National Insulation Association member for a survey and quotation, we are pleased to announce that we have agreed to undertake a major marketing campaign this autumn with the Energy Saving Trust.  The campaign will feature national and regional press releases and social media activity which will promote the specific benefits of the different insulation measures; External, Internal, Cavity Wall, Loft, Roof, Floor Insulation and Draught Proofing and then signpost consumers to the NIA website to find out more details and an NIA member to carry out the work.

As many will be aware the new ECO3 which commences in October is focussed on affordable warmth households and will not include CERO/able to pay subsidies, therefore the campaign will focus on able-to-pay households and encouraging them to insulate based on the many benefits of insulation even if there is not a subsidy available.


Tuesday, 11 September 2018

NIA and its members to build the value back into home insulation

For the past 20 years, there have been large subsidies and grants available from energy companies and Government towards the cost of home insulation for both fuel poor households and 'able to pay' households.

Whilst this has been very helpful for those households in the greatest need who are suffering from fuel poverty, it has also resulted in insulation being devalued with householders focusing on price and grants only and not appreciating the true benefits insulation provides.  This autumn will see a major change as under the new £640m per year Energy Company Obligation 3 scheme subsidies and grants will be restricted to vulnerable and fuel poor households only and not available to those 'able to pay'.

This provides a significant opportunity for the industry to build the value back into insulation by promoting the benefits of the different measures:

External Wall Insulation, for example, can transform the appearance and add value and curb appeal to a building as well as reducing fuel bills whilst Cavity Wall Insulation can be undertaken in just a few hours and pay for itself in under 3 years even without a subsidy or grant.

In order to get these messages across to the general public, the NIA and its members are teaming up with the Energy Saving Trust, the independent national energy efficiency experts and other advice agencies to promote the true benefits of insulation.