Friday, 11 April 2014

NIA members receive support in maximising business opportunities

The National Insulation Association (NIA) is a leading trade body in the Insulation Industry representing manufacturers, system providers and installers of cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, including external, internal and hybrid systems, loft/roof insulation and draught proofing. 

There are still millions of un-insulated properties in the UK and the NIA is committed to growing the market for insulation and supporting its members in maximising business opportunities.

The NIA regularly seeks the views of its members on the support they require, so that it can ensure it is providing the right support and services and delivering maximum value.  This has resulted in a number of recent initiatives:

  • Establishment of a new Market and Business Development Group within the association, which is focusing on identifying opportunities for insulation companies in both existing and new market sectors, plus helping members to access these.
  • Through its Solid Wall Insulation Technical and Training Group developing a new quality assurance framework for the installation of solid wall insulation by NIA members, which will help position them as the preferred choice to undertake works.
  • Introduced a network of Local Forums and Forum meetings providing the opportunity to update members face to face on key developments, obtain feedback and enable members to effectively network with other companies in their local area.
  • National promotion to consumers and consumer groups of the Governments new Green Deal Cash-back scheme for insulation measures and of NIA members to carry out the work. This includes a dedicated link on its website to the NIA’s installer postcode locator. 

The NIA is extremely proactive and supports its members in a number of important ways:

  • Represents their views and carries out lobbying activities on their behalf with Government and other key external stakeholder groups, including energy suppliers.
  • The NIA meets regularly with key Government officials in London, in the Scottish Government and in the Welsh Government to discuss schemes, programmes and policies.
  • Provides information and advice about insulation schemes and funding opportunities, Government policies and regulations.
  • Promotes the benefits of insulation and refers enquiries and leads to its members.
  • Promotes the use of NIA members as the preferred choice to carry out work to householders, businesses and key specifiers including local authorities, housing associations, framework agreement operator’s, builders and architects

We have seen a sharp increase in insulation companies joining the association in the last year to benefit from the support we can provide to help them maximise business opportunities.  Membership of the NIA is much more than simply obtaining a logo that companies can place on their marketing materials.  It’s about receiving good quality information, advice and support in accessing business opportunities and being regarded as the preferred choice by consumers and specifiers to carry out insulation works.

The NIA offers a number of membership opportunities. If you are interested in finding out more about membership please contact Bev Coombe, Membership and Communications Manager; on 01525 383313 or