Monday, 20 October 2014

The Chief Executive of the National Insulation Association urges the public to take heed and think insulation first during Big Energy Saving Week

Neil Marshall, NIA Chief Executive said:  “20-24 October is Big Energy Saving Week and will see numerous helpful facts given about saving costs on fuels bills. But we must stress that above all else, fitting adequate insulation first needs to be the priority. Doing so will enable householders to make major savings on their fuel bills year after year without even having to think about it.”

The amounts that can be saved on fuel bills are substantial:
  • Solid Wall Insulation will  save up to £460 per annum
  • Cavity Wall Insulation will save up to £250 per annum
  • The correct depth of Loft Insulation can save £250 per annum
  • Draught Proofing will provide  a yearly saving  of up to  £50
Marshall went on to voice his concerns over the millions of households that are yet to be properly insulated: “It is staggering that despite years of campaigning, and rising energy bills over 7 million solid walls and 5 million cavity walls still need insulating. There are also 7 million lofts that have inadequate insulation and are in need of topping up!”

The NIA is therefore urging householders to contact an NIA member to find out if their home requires insulation and to arrange a quotation.  Householders can be safe in the knowledge that an NIA installer will have signed up to a strict Code of Professional Practice, meaning peace of mind comes as standard with an NIA member.

To find a local NIA member householders should visit the NIA website

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  1. I agree, but Sadly the NIA will not help consumers, and so many insulation companies are giving rip off quotes, (due to grants) so who can you trust? One "approved" company took from January to October to even supply a quote, even then did not quote as requested, now no reply from them, quotes for the same job from £4500 - £21,000 this industry needs regulation.