Thursday, 23 October 2014

NIA calls on Vince Cable, Secretary of State at BIS to work with Ed Davey, Secretary of State at DECC to address delayed payments under the Energy Company Obligation(ECO)

Amidst growing reports from the energy efficiency supply chain of delayed payments for work carried out under the ECO, which are causing major cash flow issues, the NIA is calling on Vince Cable and Ed Davey to intervene and arrange an urgent high level summit, involving energy companies, the energy efficiency industry and Ofgem to address the matter.

Neil Marshall the CEO of the NIA said: “There appear to be some fundamental issues with the ECO measures approval and payment processes which are resulting in major delays in payments to installers for works they have undertaken.  It is essential that the Government now intervenes and works with the energy companies, energy efficiency industry and Ofgem to address these issues.” 

He went on to say: “A new construction supply chain payment charter was introduced earlier in the year and consideration now needs to be given to introducing this or something similar to the ECO.”

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