Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Time for a Joined Up Approach and Plan for the Energy Efficiency Retrofit of the UK Housing Stock

The raft of progress reports, statements, consultation responses and scheme changes that have taken place in isolation from one another over the last couple of weeks is surely further evidence that a fresh approach for the Energy Efficiency Retrofit  of the UK housing stock is urgently needed!

Continuing with the current approach of separate and disparate approaches and short term schemes will not get the job done.  It will result in confusion, peaks and troughs of activity and is subject to party politics.

If we are to get the job done its time for a fresh approach, it’s time for Energy Efficiency Retrofit to be reclassified as a  UK Infrastructure Priority with £3 - 4 billion a year in capital investment to fund a significant programme of energy efficiency to transform the UKs ageing  housing stock.

On Tuesday 24th June a new coalition of 20 leading environmental groups , charities, membership organisations and trade associations came together to launch a major new campaign ‘A housing stock fit for the future – making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority.  The campaign has attracted allot of attention and support but for an ambitious plan of this nature  to come to fruition will require cross party support and a commitment to this new approach – but if we get it right the rewards are tremendous.

Over the coming months the coalition will be engaging with all political parties to seek their support for EE Retrofit becoming a national infrastructure priority with the aim of ensuring that it is included in all party manifestos for the forthcoming General Election – let’s hope they listen!

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