Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Energy Efficiency Industry needs to collaborate more effectively in order to deliver integrated solutions to householders

Over the past couple of years there has been lots of talk about one stop shops and whole house solutions in relation to the energy efficiency retrofit of the UK housing stock.  However, the evidence would suggest that this is not currently being effectively delivered or taken up by consumers despite the Green Deal.

Whilst there are a number of reasons for this including cost and disruption, an area that has not been sufficiently considered or discussed is the delivery of a package of measures in a co-ordinated way through a range of different installers of different measures.  Whilst there are numerous installers, including NIA members that are able to deliver a package of measures such  as heating, insulation and solar panels in their own right there are also numerous installers that provide single measure solutions only such as boilers, glazing and insulation. which makes integration more difficult. An example of this arose recently when a Green Deal Heating Installer of boilers informed me that they would not arrange for insulation measures to be installed alongside a boiler under GDHIF as they don’t do insulation.

If we are to deliver multiple measures effectively it is essential that we address the issue of single measure installers and find a way to help them to facilitate the delivery of a package of measures through collaboration with other installers able to deliver different measures.

At the NIA we are already working to facilitate interaction by providing a facility through our installer post code locator for heating, glazing and solar companies for example to find local insulation installers in their area who they can work with in delivering a package to the householder.  However, the approach to co-ordination and interaction between installers of individual technologies/measures now needs to be developed into a more structured and national approach involving co-operation between a range of representative industry bodies.

Therefore, to help facilitate this, I am arranging a special workshop to which representatives from key trade bodies covering the spectrum of measures involved in EE retrofit will be invited to debate the issue and put forward proposals and recommendations.

Further details to follow.

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