Sunday, 22 January 2017

NIA statement in response to article in Mail on Sunday – 22/1/2017

Today the Mail on Sunday has run a widely inaccurate and misleading story about cavity wall insulation and the cavity wall insulation industry.

We strongly dispute the findings in the article and Neil Marshall CEO of the NIA has issued the following statement:

“These figures are widely inaccurate as thermal cameras in isolation are ill-equipped to assess the effectiveness of cavity wall insulation and should only be considered as part of a range of inspection measures.

“Cavity wall insulation is very reliable – of the six million households who benefit from the product and hold a CIGA Guarantee only 13,000 have ever reported any problems, a claim rate of just 0.24%.

“Cavity wall insulation is a trusted product and proven to keep homes warm and fuel bills down, with independent research showing it saves families up to £275 a year in energy costs.

“The industry has robust procedures in place to ensure installers are qualified, use approved products and only fit cavity wall insulation in suitable homes.

“In the rare instances things do go wrong, the industry has well-established systems of redress, to ensure consumers get the help they need and deserve.”



  • Thermal imaging in isolation is an inappropriate method of assessing cavity wall insulation.  The IRT data appears to be based on computer analysis of thermal images rather than a detailed study of the property or an intrusive survey.

  • British homes are some of the least energy efficient in Europe, resulting in soaring energy bills, increasing fuel poverty and an increasing reliance on foreign gas imports.

  • Independent research by the Energy Saving Trust has shown that installing CWI in a detached property can result in an annual saving of up to £275.

  • Statistics from CIGA show that, since 1995, they have issued a total of 5,853,184 guarantees across the UK. In the same time period the overall claim rate was just 0.24%, or around 13,000 households.

  • To be compliant with building regulations, CWI can only be installed in adherence to the various controls described below, amongst others:

    • The product itself must be recognised by a certification body, such as the British Board of Agrement (BBA).
    • Surveillance is also undertaken by the BBA to assess and approve installers. This includes carrying out site based assessments and routine surveillance of completed work.
    • The leading industry guarantee provider CIGA also carries out its own additional checks. This ensures that the insulation itself, along with the method of installation, are of the highest standard.
    • Work completed under frameworks, such as the Energy Company Obligation, are also subject to an added layer of independent technical monitoring in addition to the standards described above.

If you require further information please contact the NIA Press Office - Duncan Murray – 

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