Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Response to Amber Rudd Energy Policy Re-set Speech

In a speech this morning the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change,  Amber Rudd said that she intended to prioritise energy security and cutting energy bills.

However, there was little mention of energy efficiency which has a key role to play in addressing these issues and the Energy Bill Revolution Campaign has expressed serious concerns stating that: “A commitment to only deliver energy efficiency measures in 1 million homes marks a 78% reduction in the number of homes that received support during the last Parliament.  

So if this pledge is fulfilled it marks a catastrophic fall in the number of households helped. That means  higher energy bills and less energy security.  With £100 Billion due to be spent by Government on infrastructure during this Parliament, energy efficiency must now be made an infrastructure investment priority to provide the funds needed to deliver warm homes for all and boost the economy.”

Neil Marshall CEO of the NIA commented: “With over 5m homes needing cavity wall insulation, over 7m homes needing solid wall insulation and 7m homes requiring loft insulation we share the concerns of the Energy Bill Revolution Campaign and are calling for Government to be far more ambitious in its support for energy efficiency in the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.”

He went on to say: “Making energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority can make a real difference.  Recent research from Frontier Economics shows this would bring an £8.7 billion net economic benefit to the country, comparable to HS2 Phase 1 and Crossrail.  This would boost GDP growth, reduce UK reliance on gas imports and help deliver a net increase in employment across the country.  It would also help keep energy bills down and warm up the homes of the fuel poor."


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