Sunday, 14 December 2014

NIA sets out ambitious plans for 2015 to support its solid wall insulation members maximise business opportunities

At its Annual Conference attended by around 300 delegates on 4th December 2014, Neil Marshall the NIA's Chief Executive briefed members on the plans the Association had to stimulate the markets for external and internal wall insulation and position its members as the preferred companies to use with consumers and specifiers.
The NIA is the lead trade body for solid wall insulation representing manufacturers, system providers and installers of both external wall and internal wall insulation in the UK.
Neil Marshall said: "With solid wall insulation installations expected to be minimal under the Energy Company Obligation due to Government cuts earlier this year and the stop start nature of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, we will be focusing greater attention on stimulating solid wall insulation activity in other market sectors including new build domestic, commercial and commercial refurbishment.   The theme of our conference was Building a Sustainable Future for our Industry and that is exactly what we intend to do.  As well as creating additional opportunities for members we will be clearly positioning and promoting NIA members as the preferred choice to carry out external and internal wall insulation work to householders and specifiers.  We will of course be continuing to work very closely with Governments in Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to shape the various Government and energy company funded solid wall insulation grants and schemes to maximum effect.’
Marshall set out a number of areas in which the NIA would be supporting its solid wall insulation members in 2015:
  • Providing information and advice on opportunities in different market sectors, funding available and how to access these.
  • Promoting the benefits of solid wall insulation and using NIA members to householders, funders and specifiers in the domestic, new build and commercial markets.  NIA has around 100,000 hits on its website looking for companies to carry out work.
  • Introducing a new quality and service charter for NIA members to clearly differentiate them from non members and provide competitive advantage when quoting or tendering for work.
  • Working in partnership with housing providers, builders, framework operators and other specifiers in encouraging them to request NIA membership to work on projects.

In conclusion Marshall said: "2014 has been a volatile and challenging year for solid wall insulation and solid wall insulation companies particularly with the changes to the Energy Company Obligation and feast and famine nature of the GDHIF.  As a trade association committed to delivering added value to its members, we are determined to support our members in accessing sustainable business opportunities going forward.  We would therefore urge external and internal wall insulation companies that are seeking a long term future to join the NIA to benefit from the support we will be providing and to help strengthen the weight of our voice and lobbying power."
Installer membership is available from £995 + VAT and manufacturer/system designer membership from £2,500 + VAT and we do not charge an application fee.
To apply for membership email or telephone 01525 383313  

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