Sunday, 28 September 2014

NIA responds to the Conservatives’ plan to exempt new starter homes from ‘zero carbon’ regulations

The NIA has expressed its surprise and concern at reports that the Conservative party intends to remove the requirement for new homes for first time buyers under the age of 40 to meet the zero carbon standard that is supposed to apply to all new homes built from 2016.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA commented: “if this proposal goes ahead it will mean that these new homes will be less energy efficient resulting in the occupants facing much higher energy bills which is a major concern given rising energy prices.  In addition it would be a further blow for home energy efficiency where installation rates for existing homes have plummeted since 2013 under the Green Deal and ECO.  We would therefore urge a rethink.”

The UK Green Building Council has  also responded to this news  

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